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Jinhua, known as Wuzhou in ancient times, got its name as the “place where the JINxing (Venus) and the WUnu (four stars in the constellation Aquarius) compete for splendor”, with a history of more than 1,700 years and brilliant civilization. “Splendid is th' Eight-Chant Tower ages through, leaving the posterity deep in blue; A thousand miles in South the river flows, Above the fourteen towns the City glows.” 860 years ago, Li Qingzhao the famous poetess in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) once described the verve of Jinhua with this poem when she visited the Eight-Chant Tower of the City.

Known as "Home to Crafts," Jinhua enjoys advanced civilian -owned economy, with its industry mainly supported by processing and manufacturing. Leading industries of the City include clothing and textile, mechanics and electronics, pharmacy and chemistry,manufacturing crafts, metalwork processing, architecture and building materials, automobile-and-motorcycle accessories, food processing, plastic ware, etc. Industries are distributed with different characteristics in different counties or county-level cities.

For instance, Yiwu is characterized by its light-industry commodities, Yongkang by its automobile-and-motorcycle accessories and mechanical and electric tools, Dongyang by its clothing, architecture and magnetic materials, the City Proper by its pharmacy, construction materials and industrial measures, Lanxi by its non-ferrous metal, cement, towels and daily chemicals, and Pujiang by its textiles, lockmaking, and lantern ornaments of crystals, etc.